Visiting Keystone Lake in Cleveland, OK

Keystone Lake - Cleveland OK

When you visit Keystone Lake in Cleveland, Oklahoma, you will get to enjoy boating, fishing, hunting, camping and more just 15 miles of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Keystone Lake is on a wooded shoreline with sandy beaches, low rolling hills and high bluffs. Its blue-green water and natural beauty make it a visual treat you won’t forget. And, you can view its entire beauty from many overlooking points along state, county and federal highways.

Keystone Lake is on the Arkansas River just west of downtown Tulsa. The lake is approximately 26,000 acres and flood controlled, which has created an urban playground. You will find over 15 recreation areas with beaches, marinas, boat ramps, trails, and off-road vehicle areas. Boat rentals are available at pier 51. You will also get to enjoy thousands of acres of land for public hunting.

Keystone Lake boasts wonderful camping facilities from primitive to full hook up. Or, you can stay in one of the available Keystone Cabins in Keystone State Park.

When it comes to fishing, Keystone Lake is famous for sand bass, striped bass, small mouth bass, black bass, catfish and crappie. There are also downstream fisheries that are accessible from Bush Creek Park and Whitewater Park. However, you will still need the same licenses that are required for other parts of Oklahoma, weather fishing or hunting.

Don’t forget to ask Tulsa Realtors® Tom and Bev Herring about Cleveland Oklahoma, which is a small town located on the shores of Keystone Lake and within commuting distance of Tulsa.