Shop Tulsa City Wide Initiative

The Shop Tulsa City Wide initiative is a nonprofit initiative that was created to educate local Tulsans on how the economic impact of spending local will only help the City of Tulsa. So, through the campaign, Tulsan’s are encouraged to spend their dollars within Tulsa. The spending of money locally will continue to improve the economy by keeping money in the city.

Shop Tulsa First

So, if you live in Tulsa, try to keep your spending local to help our community grow. Pushing the shop local initiative is more than a social passing movement, it is extremely important to the growth and health of the community. When you buy Tulsa, the few cents generated from sales tax goes directly to city services for fire and police protection, street maintenance, and more.

The goal of the city wide initiative is to provide all local Tulsa residents with the information needed that shows how we personally can enhance the City of Tulsa’s services. This helps Tulsa as a whole community. Supporting local businesses will directly impact your life as well as your city.

Shop local also supports the local businesses. Therefore, you can find many great deals and coupons and even gift certificates at It’s never been easier to ShopTulsa first.

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Visiting Keystone Lake in Cleveland, OK

Keystone Lake - Cleveland OK

When you visit Keystone Lake in Cleveland, Oklahoma, you will get to enjoy boating, fishing, hunting, camping and more just 15 miles of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Keystone Lake is on a wooded shoreline with sandy beaches, low rolling hills and high bluffs. Its blue-green water and natural beauty make it a visual treat you won’t forget. And, you can view its entire beauty from many overlooking points along state, county and federal highways.

Keystone Lake is on the Arkansas River just west of downtown Tulsa. The lake is approximately 26,000 acres and flood controlled, which has created an urban playground. You will find over 15 recreation areas with beaches, marinas, boat ramps, trails, and off-road vehicle areas. Boat rentals are available at pier 51. You will also get to enjoy thousands of acres of land for public hunting.

Keystone Lake boasts wonderful camping facilities from primitive to full hook up. Or, you can stay in one of the available Keystone Cabins in Keystone State Park.

When it comes to fishing, Keystone Lake is famous for sand bass, striped bass, small mouth bass, black bass, catfish and crappie. There are also downstream fisheries that are accessible from Bush Creek Park and Whitewater Park. However, you will still need the same licenses that are required for other parts of Oklahoma, weather fishing or hunting.

Don’t forget to ask Tulsa Realtors® Tom and Bev Herring about Cleveland Oklahoma, which is a small town located on the shores of Keystone Lake and within commuting distance of Tulsa.

The Closet – It Can Sell a Home

You may think that something as insignificant and unassuming as a closet would make a difference in the selling power in your home, but it has more power than you know. Homes need storage for closet orgainizing tipsanything from food, clothing, and cleaning supplies. The closet is one of the most important rooms in the home.

So, to get your closets in selling order, you should tackle cleaning out the clutter to determine what the real use of each particular closet. We all like to hold on to things that no longer have a need, but may be used in the future, so you may have a lot of stuff in your closets.

You should ask yourself, when was the last time I used this item and when will I use it next. If it’s been a year or more since you have last used it, you may not use it in the future. You can pass on items you are not using to someone else through a yard sale or a donation. Over packed closets can make a potential buyer keep looking for their ideal home.

Once you have the clutter out of the way you can get organized. Even if you use a cheap fix to do the organizing, it can make a huge difference. Begin organizing your closet by color blocking your clothes, grouping like items together, and putting smaller items into storage totes or labeled boxes. You can store out of season items in another location such as the attic or garage. You should be able to see the floor of your closet; therefore, a rack for shoes will make the floor look nice and neat.

You can organize the pantry by using the same principles as the bedroom closet. Remove unnecessary items, use totes for small and miscellaneous items, and group like items together. All closets need shelving and racks. There is lot of choices for every budget available. Simple and inexpensive shelving can be configured in a myriad of patterns and can be installed with a simple screwdriver. If you can afford it, custom built units will wow your potential buyers and put your home first on their list.

Walk in closets are a huge selling point, so be sure to maximize the potential in this space. Your local building supply store will have everything you’ll need for the specific ideas you have in mind and for your individual needs. Their customer service agents should be able to answer any questions you may have or help you to improve on your ideas.

For maximum selling power, allow buyers to see the true size and functionality of the space and be inspired by your organization.


Tulsa Named the Best Market in the Country

If you’re looking to buy investment properties, look at what Tulsa, OK has to offer. Recently, Tulsa was named the best market in the country for real estate investors by Relocate America. And, Tulsa, OK  Investment Propertieswhile interest rates are very low, it is the best time to start looking. A home in Tulsa, OK can be one of the best investments a person could make.

Relocate America ranked Tulsa as the number one spot to live in the United States based on several reasons. Some top reasons include the cost of living is lower, the quality of life is better and sustainability in these difficult economic times has been good.

Tulsa, OK expects to exceed one million people over the next two years, compared to the 400,000 that currently live there. The city is also promising to continue to be a shining example of exactly what a thriving community should be. Tulsa is growing and creating new jobs in very strong industries such as energy, telecommunications, health care, and aerospace. Tulsa is even a sports mecca with five professional teams and a few minor league teams. Tulsa is also home to several collegiate level powerhouse universities.

Tulsa is located in the lush green country side of Oklahoma’s rather dry state. The areas beautiful trails system includes many recreational activities, rivers and parks for the whole family to enjoy. It’s an overall great place to take a break from the everyday life, so you won’t have a problem filling your investment properties.

If you would like to view some of Tulsa’s investment properties, call Realtors® Tom and Bev Herring. It’s the best way to be introduced to all the available real estate Tulsa has to offer.