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Education is too expensive. From early childhood, through to school, TAFE & university, education should be for free, no matter who you are.

Liberal and Labor have allowed too much funding to go to private education and training institutions. 

Your vote is powerful. If just a few hundred people change their vote, we can kick the Liberals out, and put the Greens in balance of power.

The Greens plan includes free, high quality early childhood education and public schools that meet everyone’s needs. 

We will abolish student debts, and restore the TAFE system which has been privatised by Liberal and Labor.

And, we need to ensure that teachers, trainers, support staff, academics and early childhood educators are paid properly.

The Greens plan is for genuinely free education, for everyone.

Did you know:
Many of us have had access to free education – including uni – before. There is no reason why we can’t do it again. The Greens are the only party fighting for it in parliament.

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